Friday, June 16, 2017

Doug Boufford Pictures from 1968 and 2006

Doug Boufford posted a couple of links to photos and slide shows from 1968 and from 2006. His note to the CIASP FACEBOOK PAGE .  The note is reposted here in case you do not do Facebook.

Doug Boufford shared a link.
The above is a link to my photo web site and has 2 galleries - (1) photos I have scanned from my time in La Arena, Pisaflores in 1968 (1st shift) and (2) photos from our CIASP reunion in Toronto in 2006. For each gallery, you can click on the arrow on the right above the large photo & get a full-screen slideshow. These are the same photos that are posted on my web site & have been for many years. This posting is for those that find the CIASP Facebook page & want to see some pics
Hasta luego!

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