Thursday, January 12, 2017

Phil Little (CIASP 1969) - 3 Videos .

These message has been posted on behalf of Phil Little by JC

A long time ago, almost half  a century if that is not a bit scary, some very naive but good natured Canadian youth, full of good will, traveled to Mexico as part of an internaitonal student group called CIASP, the Conference on Inter-American Student Projects. 

Some of us went into the state of Hidalgo, in a corner of the state that closely bordered Queretero and San Luis Potosi.  After a long walk down from the highway, we crossed the river Moctezuma in a dug out canoe. We stayed at the "curato", the compound of the local RC church where two priests were based, Miguel and Francisco. 

A few of the core team remained in Pisaflores but most of us went up into the mountains to live in the "ranchos", small villages connected by narrow pathways. The walking was always up or down, most often along side milpas - the fields of corn and squash and sometimes a bit of coffee - that belonged to poor farmers living a subsistence living.  Some of the milpas belonged to a richer family, the Sanchez, and those fields were tended by villagers who were even poorer.
I had a very crude 8 mm camera given to me with only 3 films, and obviously I had no idea of how to use it correctly, or any idea about lighting or projection.  After 48 years these films have been updated by my son and uploaded to youtube, and the videos may make little sense to anyone other than those who shared this experience. 

But there we were 48 years ago and without a doubt that experience affected us for the rest of our lives.
Enjoy! These are on youtube so obviously they can be shared!!  Pass them along to any CIASP contacts you have..

Phil Little
British Columbia

CIASP part 1
CIASP part 2
CIASP part 3

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