Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Xilitla: Las Pozas and Gardens of Edward James

Las Pozas, Xilitla San Luis Potosi (Mexico)

In 1965, Canadian CIASPers were invited to a day of relaxation at Las Pozas. This happened at the end of the summer and prior to returning to Canada. No one remembers who was responsible for the invitation, or who served as the host. But all students who visited the site for a day of swimming and "barbacoa" have vivid memories of that day.

For more in English, see Margaret Hook's book "Surreal Eden: Edward James and Las Pozas"

(Surreal Eden. Princeton Architectural Press, New York, 2007.)

Surreal Eden: Edward James & Las Pozas traces the trajectory of Edward James, the English surrealist, poet, patron of Dalí and Magritte, who created 'Las Pozas' -a homage to surrealism, on a swathe of rainforest in the mountains of Mexico. The story of how a frustrated artist attempts to build an earthly paradise and ends up creating an outstanding work of art. Photos by Sally Mann, Graciela Iturbide, Chris Rauschenberg & others.

Also published in a Spanish edition: Edward James y Las Pozas

'Surreal Eden' does what many good art biographies and histories do: remind us of what gets forgotten and left out of 'official' canons."

- RainTaxi

"James's architectural art had no use beyond its own fantastic forms. It was both process and spectacle, and inspiration for inspiration."

- The New York Times

"a visually luscious book, the art writer ... Margaret Hooks provides a monument to James's fantastical life and works and a blueprint for his subconscious ..."

- Vogue Living


En riesgo, el Jardín Escultórico de Xilitla By frodriguez

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