Monday, June 26, 2006

What is CIASP Diary?

Basic FAQs for ""

The underlying principles of this CIASP Diary blog site are:
  • CIASP Diary is the blog-site for Canadian CIASP/CEPIA members, but all international CIASPers and Amigos Anonymous are welcome.
  • It's a site to post notes, observations, information, pictures and messages about the CIASP/CEPIA/CIPE experience in Mexico.
  • It's a blog site for posting news, updates, notices or any information related to CIASP veterans or others connected to CIASP.
  • There is no specific political or philosophical agenda associated with this site. CIASP was a student driven movement emerging out of 1960 youthful ideals. Our collective hopefulness bound us together, and any personal philosophical orientations were sublimated to our hope of making a difference. Forty years later, we judge those days against a lifetime of experience, — and realize that CIASPers represented a broader range of philosophies than we suspected in our youth. CIASP Diary is not committed to a single uniform philosophical viewpoint and is open to all former members.
  • Anyone can respond to postings with short messages by clicking on the "post comment" link below every main posting. To minimize unwanted spam and commercial postings, a random key word is generated within and must be entered before a message will be posted.
  • CIASP Diary is moderated to eliminate unwanted advertising, spam and nuisance posts. Responses do not appear until after they are screened, and will not be posted if they are offensive or irrelevant to CIASP. All comments will be posted unless they are offensive or represent a harmful intolerance.
  • Archival information and details about CIASP remain available at But allows an interactive communication that is not possible on static sites. It's not a replacement for the archival site at
  • CIASP Diary's appearance varies across Browsers and personal settings. Information about recommended browswer settings is available through a help function. The most flexible browsers are Firefox (all systems) and Safari (Mac) and these are highly recommended for stability
  • Team membership is by invitation, and allows participants to "post long messages" and upload "photos". It also allows posting to CIASP Diary directly through "email" messages. CIASP diary doesn't require that everyone joing as a full "participant". Postings and access to pictures does not require joining as a team member — but registration as a Team Member provides a fuller participation and more flexibility.
  • All CIASP/CEPIA Canada members may request to be added to the site as a participating team member. Anyone who asks will be added! This request to join generates an automated response from the host site ( To initiate the Team Membership process, send an email to requesting to be added as a CIASP Diary Team Member.
  • After registering as a team participant, loginsand passwords are sole responsibility of the user and subject to terms agreed upon when registering in

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