Thursday, June 29, 2006

Archival Photos and Images?

Posting Images on this site

Please consider posting your archival photos and images of CIASP. At the Toronto reunion, people brought a fantastic collection of older pictures and slides. Consider putting your favorite pictures online.

Images are posted to this site in different ways:

  • Request to become a Contributor to CIASP Diary and personally post photographs and images to CIASP Diary (
  • Send electronic versions of favorite images to a CIASP Diary Contributor and ask them to post images to the CIASP Diary ( Contributing Members are listed on the beginning page of this blog (look to the right side underneath the blog description). Deliver disc images to a Blog contributor (anyone can become a Blog Contributor) who can then post pictures after logging into,
  • Prepare all images by saving them "for internet display". If you're technically competent, save images in .jpeg format and reduce them to 800 or 900 pixels wide. It's best if images are optimized to smaller file size. Remember to include details about the picture.
  • Otherwise, send images to Doug Boufford or Jim Creechan and ask them prepare them for posting to this site. Smaller files of "a few pictures" may be sent directly to Doug or Jim via email. Larger files and "collections" are best sent on on CD-rom discs, or placed on a site for FTP download.
  • Older pictures can be "scanned" or otherwise digitized. Within limits, damaged pictures can be restored using Photoshop. Slides can also be scanned and digitized. Check with Doug or Jim about scanning treasured and rare pictures.

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